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The chimpanzee brings the qualities of attention and  contact, it favors the collaboration among people. It allows you to live your own individuality inside a social context.
It helps to defend the territory and to manifest your presence in a definite way. It possesses a strong maternal energy of caring, it will be useful to let yourself transport from the vital flow and to hold firm your points of reference, to have support when you feel alone and inadequate.
Useful to connect yourself to the most instinctive part inside of you, to live the simplicity and the curiosity and to express your physicality.
It is the guardian of the door that access to the deepest part of the Mother Earth. You can use it to cross the threshold and to get in contact with the world of the animals.
It represents the passage of the soul in the path of spiritual evolution through the demonstration of the elementary qualities, brings conscience of the value of the spirit inside the body.
The chimpanzee will help you to live the important passages of life as birth, survival, contact with the nature, love, joy, sadness and death in pure way, simple and cleared of mental elaborations. 

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